Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Can't India have terror laws like UK & US?


This stupid question was asked by that bumbling idiot Arnab on Times Now a short while ago. Since he appeared to be looking at me on TV, I suppose an answer is expected of me. So, here we go.

The biggest of bumbling idiots, GW Bush declared "War on Terror" that our home grown bumbling idiot sees as a "stringent law". So far, Dubya's War on Terror has pissed away a trillion dollars in the wrong country, killed more than 3000 of his country's troops, and thrown his economy into the toilet, apart from awarding no-bid contracts to Haliburton in the billions of dollars, and has slowly cancelled war veterans' benefits!

14 of the 19 Sept 11th hijackers were Saudi, and Saudi Arabia continues to be beyond radar range for the American military! And Osama Bin Laden still roams free, seven years after the event.

So, that's a lousy example to follow.

Britain's anti-terror laws haven't been so spectacularly full of wrong results, but they too ended up sending and killing their troops in Iraq, which to this day, has nothing to do with terror around the world!

Another lousy example to follow.

Now, here's why our bumbling idiot on TV needs a real kick in the nuts for not even considering the most basic of questions before opening his mouth on national television: What terrorist would reallly stop to update himself with the latest laws before blowing himself up? What kind of words would really deter a terrorist and make him really shiver with fright? Could it be something like "We've already screwed your 72 virgins!"

By the way, Arnab, wouldn't it be cool to have traffic laws like they have in the US and UK? I'm sure then we'd really give a rat's ass about driving properly!

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