Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama, friend of India!

It is official now.  News is out that Osama Bin Laden has been killed by US forces acting on their own inside Pakistan.

Nearly ten years, billions of dollars spent, 600,000 Iraqi lives lost, thousands of Afghani lives lost, all because the USA chose to attack the wrong country, refused to listen to India when India offered its frontline air bases, naval support and fuel to take out terrorist camps in Pakistan AND Afghanistan.  The USA thought India was just needling its neighbour, and indeed supplied Pakistan with plenty of arms and ammunition to ostensibly fight the terrorist networks Pakistan had set up, supported, armed and colluded with over the years!

As it turns out, Pakistan turned all its weapons against India, the ISI sponsored terrorist attacks on Indian soil, and built Osama Bin Laden his own luxurious compound with twenty foot walls and barbed wire and all sorts of comforts inside, no doubt!  Any surprise this place Abottabad is close to the Pakistani Military Academy?

A billionaire can take refuge anywhere, but a billionaire terrorist can find refuge with all luxuries only in this rotten piece of garbage called Pakistan, WITH the active support of the government there.  The USA had been hoodwinked a long time ago, and India said as much.  But for a long time, because this idea was too complicated for the cowboys and Bible belt voters to come to grips with, the USA continued to ignore India and continued to supply its enemy!

Now, an educated half black president comes to power in the White House, totally understands what India has been saying all along, and it doesn't take much to take out that six foot five langur called Osama Bin Laden.  He was always in Pakistan!  Where else could he be?

But unwittingly, this Koran thumping prick and his supporters in the Muslim world have supported India!  Whatever India had said about Pakistan all along, about it being the epicentre of terror has come true!  Well, not exactly "come" true, but proven true.  Without further ado, the USA should finish the job, and take out all the terrorist camps there, and kill anyone who doesn't look too agreeable to "one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century".  Can the USA do that?  Yes.  Will it do that?  Probably not.

Without 9/11, the USA would never have thought of international Islamic terrorism as anything serious.  It could not give a shit about 60,000 Indians losing their lives, could it?  Of course not.  That is chump change for a country that can inflict a lot more in just weeks in some unknown country without even putting its troops on the ground.  Without 9/11, the USA would never have woken up to the reality of international terror networks.  So, thank you OBL!

There is plenty of mistrust between Pakistan and the USA at the moment.  This is great for India's PR, because this is the time for us to be smug and grin from ear to ass as our cunning neighbours come under scrutiny, under heat for  harbouring terrorists like Osama Bin Laden.  We have been saved very complicated and expensive efforts, by Osama Bin Laden choosing Pakistan as his haven.  We just have to point, and the Americans will be ready to bomb!  Told ya so!

Now, finally, the USA will begin to trust India, well, actually, begin to hear India, when we tell them where the Mumbai attack perpetrators are hiding and training, and how one of their drones can kindly kill some more terrorist pigs who might, shit, bomb New York next!  Thank God for another stupid Pakistani called Shahzad trying to do exactly that.  Shit!  These damn Indians are right!  Go, USA, go!

India should build a monument for Osama Bin Laden, right in the middle of a pig sty.  Our greatest friend, in the middle of the friends he most belongs with.  OBL, may your soul rot or rest in peace, as your God pleases, but we're sure glad your soul has been released from that lanky body of yours.  After all, the Americans are bloodthirsty and just want the gratification of seeing your dead body.  They do not want to see a change in ideology, a change in the way the Muslim world views them or other such "infidels", for all that is far too complicated.  For now, all they want is a dead body, and all the "woo hoo"s and "U S A, U S A!" chants that ring out on the streets of the USA is just that bloodthirst quenching itself a little bit.

Chanakya was right.  Our enemy's enemy is a friend!  In this case, our enemy's friend is our friend, because another friend was too stupid to see it early enough, and is currently stupid enough to fight our enemy and his friends FOR us!

OBL, we Indians thank you, for getting the USA to do our dirty work.  That is all they are fit for these days.

But are they paranoid enough to continue doing this "good" work?  It all depends on Al Qaeda and how they can keep the USA on their toes.  Or else, the American public have very short memories and they will be too happy to forget about their "largest democracy in the world" friend who warned them a long time ago, and simply pull out, all in the country's interest of course.  How many military campaigns can the USA sustain, now that OBL is dead?  Congress will ask this question, and Pakistan will be left to continue its nefarious activities again, with a strict warning of course before the last US soldier leaves Pakistan.

Indeed, the USA will be miffed about India choosing the Eurofighter and Rafale for its massive Air Force purchases, and ignoring all US products.  Pakistan will be too happy to buy America's wares to keep big brother happy.  The USA will see it is in its interest to supply Pakistan with all the military hardware it wants to buy, citing India's purchase order that is indeed, distinctly non American.

This shit will continue, as long as the USA continues to slant its foreign policy based not on ideology but on opportunity.  Osama, we thank you for making this clear.  In choosing your place of death, you have unwittingly made this pretty awkward for the Americans, but they're too shameless to get it.

Now, get lost!

- BSK.

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